RNs and LPNs provide professional nursing services to patients in the privacy of their own homes under direct orders from the private physician. Care provided is determined by individual patient’s need. Services include, though are not limited to, the following:

  • ASSESSMENT: An initial assessment visit by a trained, and highly skilled RN will form the basis for the care to be provided to you based upon your physician’s orders. Each visit, the nurse will assess your current status, progress made and report any new problems to your physician.
  • TEACHING: You will receive specific information regarding your disease process, symptoms to report to your physician should they arise before the nurse’s return visit or after discharge from service, and what to do in response to changes as they occur. You will also be told what changes to expect. You and your caregiver, if you have a family member or friend assisting in your care, will receive step-by-step instructions in the procedures being performed by the nurse.
  • Honeywell HomMed TeleHealth Device: Assesses your weight, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and specific areas of concern on a daily basis in an effort to identify and treat problems early from home or the physician’s office rather than from the emergency room or intensive care unit of the hospital.
  • HANDS-ON NURSING CARE: Is designed specific to the your needs as a patient. Examples of care that may be provided include: Care of all types of wounds, incision lines, ostomies or intravenous (IV) catheter insertion sites. Venipuncture to obtain lab specimens or insert an IV catheter. Administration of medications such as IVs and other injections. Ventilator and other respiratory support care. Ostomy care. Catheter insertions. The list of possible services is too long to place here. PLEASE CALL IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS regarding a specific service.
  • COMMUNICATE: The Clinical staff will communicate changes in your health care needs to your doctor. This will include regular progress reports and updates to your plan of care. You will be informed of any changes in orders received from your doctor regarding your care.
  • RESTORE: Our goal is to restore you to your maximum level of independence in the least amount of time possible. The ultimate goal of the nurse is to return the patient to independence with the greatest degree of good health in the shortest span of time possible. We know you have better things to do than be sick.

Additional Notes

HOME HEALTH SKILLED NURSING visits are designed to meet the needs of the person recovering from an acute illness or a setback in a chronic illness. Recurrent hospitalizations and multiple trips to the emergency.

Payment Methods

Medicaid (Title XIX) and some Private Insurances are used to pay for services for these clients of VNA Community Services.

Eligibility Requirements

Medicaid guidelines require a Level of Care assessment and prior authorization from DHSS before any In-home services can be reimbursed under the Medicaid benefit. Long term care insurances may also require limitations in handling Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Additional Notes

Private Purchase can be made for any length of time. Call VNA direct at 1-800-286-5892 ext.1157 to request services or ask questions.

Be sure to ask for VNA when the DHSS Caseworker asks which agency you prefer.