Since 1993 VNA’s hospice program has been providing compassionate, skilled care for patients when no further curative treatments are to be provided for a terminal Illness.

Our team-directed approach is led by skilled medical directors (physicians) and specially trained caregivers who assist, support, and comfort the patient and their family. This is a comprehensive program of care provided by, nurses, counselors, and other professionals designed to keep the patient comfortable and alert at home, while emotional support is given to all family members.

Interdisciplinary Team

An Interdisciplinary Team approach is used to provide hospice care. The team is made up of the patient, a primary caregiver (family or friend of the patient), the patient’s primary physician, the hospice medical director (a physician), a nurse, a social worker, a chaplain, and a volunteer. Other possible members of this team include a personal care aide, homemaker, and physical, occupational, or speech therapist. All treatment measures are designed to promote comfort. The goal of hospice is to respectfully permit the patient to remain fully alert and functioning within the family network at home while experiencing little or no symptoms of the disease. Some call this “quality of life”. We call it the right to live fully right up to the last moment.