To qualify for hospice care, the patient must have a doctor’s signed diagnosis of a terminal illness with six months or less life expectancy, a decision to forgo any curative treatment, a willing and able caregiver (family member or friend) when unable to be alone, and a preference to die at home.

A nurse will visit with you and your family to answer your questions about hospice care before a decision must be made to choose this type of care. It is recommended that anyone you want involved in making this decision be present during this informational visit so all questions can be answered to your satisfaction.

Payment Methods:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Private Insurance
  • Private Purchase
  • Charitable Contributions when available, are used to supplement the needs of those lacking the funds to meet all of their end-of-life comfort needs.

A VNA hospice representative would be glad to talk to you and your family about VNA hospice and how it could benefit you loved one and family during this difficult time.


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