What is the AIM Program?

AIM is a VNA program that helps patients with chronic illnesses manage their health. Your AIM Care Team partners with you, your doctors, and other healthcare providers to offer personalized care and services that are right for you. Your AIM Care Team works with you as your health condition changes. At VNA, we know that the right care at the right time can help you live the kind of life you want.

Who is the AIM Care Team?

You will have a team of compassionate, caring professionals who have the experience, knowledge, and training to support you and work together with your doctor. This includes a Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Chaplain, Social Worker, and Office Manager. Your AIM Care Team keeps your existing doctors and other members of your healthcare team up to date on your healthcare needs and how you are responding to treatment. You will continue to have access to other care services, such as physical, occupational, speech therapy, and skilled nursing when needed.

How is AIM different?

Care is personalized to meet your needs. Once your AIM Care Team understands your health concerns, lifestyle, and personal preferences, they will work with you to develop a care plan that will best meet your needs.

After joining the AIM program, we will:

  • Guide you in managing your health.
  • Work with you to control your symptoms and increase your comfort.
  • Help you manage your medications to meet your needs.
  • Coordinate your care with physicians and other people who support you.
  • Help you plan for your future.

What Services are included?

Your care will begin with a visit from an AIM Care Team member at home. During the first few weeks of your care, the AIM Care Team member works to meet your immediate physical and emotional needs, as your health condition changes, we will continue to support you and your doctor’s plan of care by providing you with over-the-phone support as needed or in-person visits in the home.

What kind of support is provided?

AIM supports your family and caregivers. We give them information about your health that you wish to share and help them understand and assist you with your health and treatment. We provide emotional, spiritual, and physical support, and help to provide any resources needed.

Counties Served:

Cape Girardeau, Stoddard, Scott, Butler, Mississippi, New Madrid, Dunklin, and Pemiscot (others case by case)

To learn more about AIM, call 573-888-5892 ext. 1159.

Currently accepting Medicare Part B, Medicaid, UHC, BCBS, Humana & Aetna Insurances.