Physician Supervision

The Hospice Medical Director is a licensed doctor knowledgeable in pain control and other relief measures. He will direct care you receive or advise your personal physician, according to your preference and the desire of your doctor. Most personal physicians prefer to let the Hospice team physicians prescribe pain and comfort relief measures as this is a specialty in medicine they may not feel as adept at.

Nursing Service

Professional nurses who provide services to patients in the privacy of their own homes under the direction of their personal physician and/or the hospice medical director. Care is provided to maintain patient comfort without sedation when pain is a concern. Other symptoms of illnes, such as nausea, constipation, shortness of breath, fatigue, etc are addressed as needed. The Patient and primary Caregiver are instructed in use of all comfort measures and what to expect as the disease progresses. Nurses answer questions and provide loving support and encouragement. They give of their knowledge, their hearts, and their hands at all times.

Social Service

The social worker will make an assessment visit and any follow-up visits that you want. The PATIENT AND FAMILY receive assistance in identifying and coping with the concerns facing them as end-of-life decisions must be made. The social worker compassionately supports the patient as they prepare their family for continued life. Assistance is given in making funeral arrangements if desired. Expressions of love are shared and dreams fulfilled as much as time will allow. The Social Worker must keep in contact by phone or visit at least every two weeks and then will follow the family for thirteen months following the death of their loved one to provide any assistance necessary.

Chaplain Service

Services of a pastor will be arranged for any family requesting this service. Spiritual concerns are addressed by the Hospice Chaplain at the request of the patient. Spiritual advice is not forced on anyone. No denomination is encouraged over any other. The patient’s needs and desires are respectfully acknowledged. The Hospice Chaplain will make initial contact with each patient. Any additional contact will be at the request of the patient or family.

No one is urged to accept the beliefs of another. Support and encouragement in your chosen faith are offered.

Therapy Services

Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy are given only as comfort measures. No attempt is made to begin an exercise program that will benefit the patient in no way except to exhaust them. In some cases, brief periods of exercise or therapy have eased some discomfort such as backache or muscle spasms. Therapy is provided ONLY as a relief from discomfort. Volunteer: The hospice volunteer has been trained to respond to you in a way only a friend can. the volunteer GIVES YOU TIME to talk, to remember, to think, to act, to sleep. The volunteer will BE THERE WITH YOU and for you so that your primary caregiver can go to the store, the bank, the post office, the beauty shop/barber, pick the kids up from school, go to church or any place else knowing that you will not be alone. The volunteer WILL BE THERE FOR YOU. The volunteer will GIVE TO YOU and will GIVE TO YOUR FAMILY without ever expecting anything in return.

Personal Care Aid

Personal hygiene care, such as a bath, shampoo, shave and other grooming, makes one feel good and look better. The Aide provides care in the unhurried, private atmosphere of your home. The amount of care provided is determined by what you feel and want at that time.

Housekeeping Services

Light housekeeping assistance may be provided as a comfort measure for the patient and as an aid to the primary caregiver. Housekeeping support for a few hours each week to do routine housework frees the primary caregiver so they can spend more time with their loved ones. The Interdisciplinary Team must recommend and approve such assistance.

Medications, Equipment and Medical Supplies

VNA Hospice provides all medicines, equipment (such as a hospital bed, etc.) and medical supplies (such as catheters and bandages) related to the terminal illness. Prescriptions, equipment and supplies are most often provided by VNA Home Medical Equipment to avoid delays, especially after hours, and to reduce expenses. VNA Hospice makes every effort to comply with Patient wishes. Prescriptions, equipment and supplies are most often provided by VNA Home Medical

Equipment to avoid delays, especially after hours, and to reduce expenses. VNA Hospice makes every effort to comply with Patient wishes.

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