Dietary needs are assessed and the patient is instructed in foods recommended to meet those needs to promote recovery and maintain wellness. The patient’s health requirements, economic status and personal food preferences are considered in developing a nutritious diet.

Payment Methods

Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Workman’s Comp, Veterans Affairs, Private Pay, and Charitable Contributions (when available) are some of the methods used to reimburse services for VNA patients. *Covered services may vary by payor source. Please call with any questions.

Eligibility Requirements

SKILLED SERVICES can be provided only under the direction of a licensed doctor. Each payment source has its own eligibility guidelines. In many cases, the patient must be “homebound”. This means leaving home to obtain medical care is difficult or causes hardship and the patient rarely leaves home except with help for very short periods of time. In some cases, the physician prescribes that the patient remain home until treatment is completed to avoid prolonging the recovery period or risking exposure to additional health threats while the patient’s resistance is low.