Dietary needs are assessed and the patient is instructed in foods recommended to meet those needs to promote recovery and maintain wellness. The patient’s health requirements, economic status and personal food preferences are considered in developing a nutritious diet.

Payment Methods

Medicaid (Title XIX) and some Private Insurances are used to pay for services for these clients of VNA Community Services.

Eligibility Requirements

Medicaid guidelines require a Level of Care assessment and prior authorization from DHSS before any In-home services can be reimbursed under the Medicaid benefit. Long term care insurances may also require limitations in handling Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Additional Notes

Private Purchase can be made for any length of time. Call VNA direct at 1-800-286-5892 ext.1157 to request services or ask questions.

Be sure to ask for VNA when the DHSS Caseworker asks which agency you prefer.