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Eligibility for Hospice Care in Southeast, MO

The Power of Hospice: Peace, Comfort, Hope
by Helen Sander, RN
We travel through life from birth, through childhood, and into adulthood seeking assistance from doctors, teachers, family and friends as we move from one life event to the next. We are never still on our journey. We grow. We touch the lives of those around us and permit them to touch us. We build bridges from our home to those around us. Our children form unions of their own. Throughout our lives, we return frequently to the place we love most, the place we call “home”. There it is that we are most secure.

Then, one day we come to realize that our time here is nearing an end. Perhaps a doctor tells us that there are no more drugs or treatments in his arsenal of health restorers. Perhaps we read the message in his eyes or in the glance of a loved one afraid to voice the words. Somehow we know. Some avoid the discussion citing a need to preserve hope. We know that there are more ways to hope than to continue fruitless treatments that often only prolong the suffering. Our hope is to truly live all of this life with as much love and joy as possible. We refuse to accept the possibility that there is nothing that can be done because we know in our hearts that there is much yet to do. How can we leave now with so much yet to do? Where can we go to be safe, to find peace, comfort and true hope? We can go home. VNA HOSPICE will come there to offer the care, guidance and support to accomplish all the things that still must be done during those last months. It is important to begin now while there is still time.

Just as you would make preparations for any other journey or major life event, we encourage you to begin preparations now for life’s final journey. You have planned for weddings, births, family gatherings, civic functions, new occupations and a myriad of other events throughout your life. Now you plan for a venture in which you will leave those you love behind. You will want the assurance that you are leaving them well-prepared to face the rest of their lives without you. You will want to do as much for them as you can before they must fend for themselves. After all, you have taken care of them for so long. How will they manage without you? VNA HOSPICE is there to help you discuss these things with your loved ones and to offer guidance along the way. Preparations are made. Instructions are given and frequently written out for later reference. Arrangements include the availability and support of hospice for your family even after you leave. There is peace of mind.

Think of all the people who are special to you. Your spouse, children, siblings, grandchildren, friends, co-workers, and church family ~ maybe some you haven’t seen in years. Think of those that you may not have seen for years because of some forgotten disagreement long ago. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend time with them now? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to mend fences and restore relationships? VNA HOSPICE offers the support you want. Peace grows.

Throughout all of these tasks, you must cope with the effects of illness. VNA HOSPICE provides hands-on-care, medications, oxygen and other equipment to promote your comfort. Hospice staff visit regularly to assess your changing needs and assist your family in understanding what will help you most with the least intrusion on your privacy. Staff is available on-call 24 hours per day, seven days per week to provide you with the answers to your many questions and to help meet your needs. Comfort is achieved and maintained.

You know and your family knows that the care you receive at home is the best and the most that can be given. What better caregivers than those who love you? What better place than in your own home? Caring continues at its best.

As time here grows short, eternity approaches. Words are no longer as meaningful. Food loses its taste. The body defers to spiritual pursuits. We become more aware of the truly important things in our life. God gives each of us the grace to cope with whatever trials come our way. He is there with us throughout the long nights and the lonely days of an illness. His presence is even more obvious during a terminal illness. He waits patiently for us to agree to continue our life’s journey into His presence. VNA HOSPICE can help you and your family find comfort and hope in His grace. There, peace blossoms, comfort is sublime and we know without a doubt that God cares.

The staff and volunteers of VNA Hospice care too. We reach out to ease your pain and suffering, to help embrace your family and friends against their grief, and then, we stay nearby for a full 13 months after you are gone to ease those you love back into the routine of this life as they cope with the first birthday, first anniversary, first Christmas without you. You can trust VNA Hospice for the support and caring you need. Call as soon as you learn that the drugs and treatments can’t stop the disease. Let VNA Hospice bring you peace, comfort and hope. VNA HOSPICE of Southeast Missouri celebrates life every day of the year in every home the staff and volunteers enter. May we join in the celebration of your life?
"Everything was perfect. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you all for caring."
 - The Gardner Family | HAYTI,MO
"The care was exceptional anytime we had questions or had request they were handled professionally & promptly."
 - The Grice Family | GOBLER, MO
"They are so prompt to help when you call them. I recommend them highly!"
 - The Tatum Family | EAST PRAIRIE, MO
"They treat you like family are very kind and understanding of your pain."
 - The Linebaugh Family | BENTON, MO
"Thank you all so much. You're #1."
 - The Wright Family | NEELYVILLE, MO
"Thank you so much, you made my mother's life more comfortable and wonderful until the end."
 - Eric Kringbaum, Son | POPLAR BLUFF, MO
"The personal care for Cletus at all times was the best. God bless and keep you safe from harm. Peace to all."
 - Lucile Weidenbenner & Family | CAMPBELL, MO
"Always ready to help with anything we needed... All the nurses were so kind. Kathy was great!!!! She offered to stay one evening we thought we'd lose Momma & I thought that was so thoughtful. Thank you to her doesn't seem enough."
 - The Johns Family | CAMPBELL, MO
"Caring professional!! They deserve a "10"... Please continue to help others with the same professionalism that was offered to our family."
 - Jason Moore, Friend | Paragould, AR
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