Home Health Aide

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Home Health Aide in Southeast, MO

Personal hygiene care, such as bathing and grooming, is provided to improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Simple dressings to unbroken, precariously fragile skin may be applied under the direction of the nurse. Range of motion exercises may be provided according to a plan developed by a licensed therapist. Ambulation transfer assistance is provided to promote safety. Bed linens are changed according to patient preference. The patient is encouraged to perform as much of his own care as able. The Home Health Aide's goal is to return the patient to independent self-care as soon as possible.
Payment Methods
Medicare, Medicaid, and occasionally Private Insurance or Workman's Comp will purchase the non-skilled services of the Home Health Aide. Frequently, aide services are Privately Purchased.
Eligibility Requirements
PATIENT NEED and the source of payment determine eligibility for service.
Additional Notes
PERSONAL HYGIENE and grooming assistance are often cited as one of the most appreciated home care services as the increased sense of well-being is immediate. Privacy is a priority in all personal care.
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